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COLLABORATIVE GUIDANCE is the cornerstone of my design business. I believe everyone has hopes and dreams for the design of their homes. Many times you cannot see the design vision on your own and you need someone who can guide you, provide insight, and creative ideas and add a Designer's Touch to make the design unique to YOU.

This Master Bathroom Design is a perfect example of successful collaboration between designer, clients, contractors, and trades.

master bath, interior design, renovation
Master Bathroom photo credit @margaret.wright

photo credit @margaret.wright

This bathroom project is from an entire home renovation of 1930's home. The bathroom is an addition, so we were starting from scratch! The result is fantastic (don't you think?). I was able to guide on color choices, tile selections, fixtures, and wall treatments. Let's dive a little deeper, shall we?


Layout, window placement, and wall treatments. Luckily the architect did a wonderful job of laying out the bathroom. Since this is a historic home, we wanted to nod to the history it. This was accomplished with woodwork and a leaded glass window. My client sourced the window from an Etsy seller. These small additions, made a huge impact in creating a timeless, purposeful design that feels like it has always been there.

photo credit @margaret.wright

Next, COLOR.

A theme emerged on the Pinterest boards that we were collaborating on during the planning phase. GREEN Vanities, white walls, and Aged Brass fixtures. A perfect combo. When it was time to decide on colors, I swatched quite a few colors for them since this is a custom mix for cabinetry. (which can get pricey if you don't get it right the first time!) Green tones can be funny, and the budget didn't have room for pressure, right? We landed on BM Verdigris for the vanities & SW Snowbound for the walls and linen closet. (you can see a peak of the linen closet in the reflection on the first photo)

photo credit @margaret.wright


Our collaboration meeting at the Tile store was filled with tons of decisions, (there were 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room we were specifying) which can be daunting to the uninitiated! Since we had collaborated on Pinterest boards, I had a good idea of the direction we would be going. There were a few photos of hexagon tile, subway, and a long horizontal alcove in the shower. We went with a porcelain "marble" for the floor. A large scale subway for the shower, with an iridescent blueish, green for the shower alcove. Simple but beautiful! With a little pop of color in the shower.

Our countertop shopping trip, resulted in choosing a lovely warm Quartzite with some veining that resembles marble without the maintenance. When it was time for installation, they were able to save money by going to the stone yard and picking something that was a remnant. Another trick we used was to shorten the backsplash to 2.5". I hate nothing more than that typical large 4" high backsplash...unless you are bathing your animals and children in the sink, I don't see the need for a large backsplash. This size functions without overwhelming the design. Most fabricators will oblige this request. You just need to know you can ask it...another reason to hire a collaborative designer!

photo credit @margaret.wright

The Jewelry... FIXTURES

are next on the design journey. Many times I have a client create a Pinterest board of fixtures and lighting. Put it ALL in there, and we edit from that point. My client's had chosen to shop for their own fixtures from retail outlets and local showrooms. This was all during the height of COVID, so there was no "going to the showroom" for the plumbing fixtures. They did an awesome job finding the plumbing faucets all on their own. I suggested the simple bar pulls for the cabinets, lighting from our shared Pinterest boards... and the mirrors were purchased from Wayfair.

***This project finished in 2020, I have since re-established relationships with many home decor manufacturers that are to-the-trade. I am proud to announce the addition of shop GOSH, which is a hand selected COLLECTION of home decor that will be available to everyone here on my website!***

Stay Tuned!

So there you have it, tied up in a nice little bow. This design is the result of COLLABORATION & GUIDANCE. I can help distill down the overwhelming decisions, come up with creative solutions to problems, and add a designers touch to a design that will be uniquely YOU!

As always, I am here to GUIDE & COLLABORATE with you along the design journey!

If you are about to embark on your own Design Journey, and are curious about my Design Services Schedule a Chit Chat Call to see what it is all about. I have packages to fit the everything from a room refresh to gut renovations!

All the best,


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