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Blush-y Pink for Every Room in the Home + my Favorite Pink Paint Colors

Since choosing paint colors is a conundrum many homeowners find themselves in, I thought I would add another layer of "Color" to the blog, by writing about colors that inspire me, sourcing, theory, etc! In the first blog installment of "COLOR STORIES" , and to celebrate that spring has sprung... I've gathered a bit of happy "pinkspiration" for every room in the house. (Including my FAVORITE Benjamin Moore Pink Paint Colors. )ENJOY!

Blush-y Pink in the ENTRY

Blush-y Pink in the Living Room

Benjamin Moore First Light, Living Room, Pink walls
Photo: Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Blush-y Pink in the BEDROOM

Blush-y Pink in the KITCHEN

Blush-y Pink in the BEDROOM

Blush-y Pink OFFICE

Pink Office
Designer: Erica Deputy (@newhouseoldsoul)

My 6 Favorite Benjamin Moore Blush-y Pink Paint Colors

There you have it! If you were on the fence about painting a room a blush-y pink, sit on the fence no more! As always, make sure you sample, sample, sample! What looks good here, may not translate in your own space.

As always, I am here to GUIDE & COLLABORATE you along the journey so that you can feel CONFIDENCE in your VISION and EMPOWERED to tackle the Design of your OWN home!

If you are about to embark on your Design Journey, and are curious about my new Design Coaching Service Schedule a Chit Chat Call to see what it is all about!

All the best,


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