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Have you heard of a "Snoratorium"?

One of my all time favorite designers is Tom Sheerer a designer and architect that is a master of Laid Back Traditional design. He coined the word "Snoratorium" in an old House Beautiful article from 2011! Yes, I have magazines that date back 10 years or more!!

bedroom nook, snoratorium, office nook, master bedroom

Snoratorium, Tom Sheerer, House Beautiful
The Original "Snoratorium" Tom Sheerer's Maine Cottage. (the image is of the main bedroom, not the nook!)

In his renovation of his Maine Family Cottage, he split a large bedroom into two separate rooms to make it more inviting...a main bedroom and something Scheerer dubbed the “snoratorium", which is a little nook that features one bed and a desk. “It’s a place where the snorer can go,” he says. “It’s become a very well-used room.” I bet!

nook, Tom Sheerer, wicker bed
Tom Sheerer's Bahamas Vacation Home...I would imagine this might be his "Snoratorium".

I am lucky enough, not to live with a snorer, but I have heard from many that sometimes sleeping with one is enough to send you to a Sanitarium! I consider myself very lucky!

People go to great lengths for a good night's sleep!

However, I am known to wake up in the middle of the night (yes, I am in my mid-40's, so I hear this is thing??) Isn't that called insomnia? Whatever...I hate tossing and turning, so I normally head to an open bed or sofa as to not bother my "non snorer." I would say I am a thoughtful insomniac... Isn't that nice of me??


When we were creating the plan for my master bedroom/bathroom/office suite, I was reminded of Tom Sheerers "snoratorium" idea. An office room with a bed is just what I need. Snorers (or partner's of snorers) and insomniacs unite!

Architectural Digest, Nook, India Hicks, Bedroom nook
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest Designer: India Hicks

I have held onto this inspiration image for a while for my own "snoratorium". Now that the foundation of my room is finished, painted and cleaned, I am finally putting the plan into action!

I think Tom Sheerer is a genius! Will it save this insomniacs sanity? Would it save yours? For me, I can't wait to find out!

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Ya'll have a good weekend!


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