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Ask Gretchen: Peel N' Stick Wallpaper YAY? or Nay?

Ok, I must admit…I have yet to use Peel and Stick wallpaper. The Horror, I know! Give me a break, I just came out of “retirement”. I can’t consume all the design candy at once!

Peel and Stick Wallpaper, emily henderson,
Style by Emily Henderson

Since a lovely reader asked me about it, I thought I’d put on my internet research goggles (I’ve got those you know) and look into it. I may be late to the party, since I just came out of “retirement” a year ago, but I hear it is taking the design world by storm! Remember, I’ve been in “retirement” for 6 years, so there have been lots of new product developments that have taken place in my absence. I’ve got a lot of research to do:)

From what I gather…It's a pretty awesome development in the design world.

Wallpaper Not just for walls Image: Driven by Decor

It isn’t your old fashioned peel and stick contact paper (you know the kind that is supposed to go in drawers). This will destroy a wall. Ask me how I know?? I’ll give you a hint, it involved two 20 year olds designing their apartment kitchen in a lovely ivy designed contact paper “wallpaper”. No wonder we didn’t receive our deposit back!!

I’m officially vintage…

Luckily there is no photo evidence of the this horrible design decision, but one has to live and learn…so both of us learned never to stick contact paper on a wall again!

TEMPAPER, MOSAIC SCALLOP, kitchen peel n stick wallpaper
Tempaper Peel n Stick in the Kitchen @chchomesdesign

I would imagine we would have done something more like the above! College Kids these days are sooooo lucky, if I had these amazing resources at my fingertips, I may have been spending my extra money on design instead of beer & pizza!

I thought I was relegated to the good old fashioned stuff, that needs paste and an expert installer. Which is lovely, and I have installed many times! Below is something I am considering for the hallway...

Grass cloth wallpaper, celerie kemble,
Celerie Kemble FSchumacher Grass Cloth Wallpaper

Since the advent of Peel n' Stick, it isn’t the only choice…the democratization of wallpaper is in full swing.

I digress, back to what you came here for…I have been looking into all of the possibilities quite a bit, as I am in a Peel n’ Stick conundrum myself. I want to use it in my new office, and am trying to decide where it needs to be stuck! Ceiling or walls surrounding the bed nook? I’m leaning to the walls of the nook (mainly b/c I’m lazy and don’t want to hang wallpaper on the ceiling.)

peel n stick, ceiling

I'm really liking the ceiling...we shall see...

I've gathered a few good resources for the Peel n Stick that I have found in all my internet digging, with a few of my favorites from each. Enjoy the Peel n stick goodness!

If you choose to go the route of Peel n Stick, I would highly recommend samples. It’s a sad day when you spend a pretty penny on wallpaper or fabric because you want it now, only to find the yellow that looked so bright on the computer screen, is actually a horrid “autumn gold”. Seriously, take the extra step and get samples.

I’ll be ordering a few samples this week, and will let you know as they come in. Follow along on my office design journey on Instagram and Facebook @gretchenostudio.

Again, Let me know where I should would put my wallpaper? Ceiling or nook?

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Have a great weekend.


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